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Traditional Marriage Requirements and Bride price List of Jukun People

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young girls dancing during a jukun festival/woman making fabric
(tie&dye)/ newly wed jukun couple 

Like every other Nigerian marriages; the Jukun traditional marriage is meant to promote African culture and its beauty. Traditional marriage requirements and bride price list of the jukun people is fill with glamour and richly embedded in our culture. Jukun are the direct descendant of the people of ancient Kwararafa Kingdom. Before the coming of Christianity and Islam, the Jukun’s are predominantly traditional worshipers.

The present day Jukun people are found at the bank of River Benue and Niger, which runs through Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa state; who are fishermen while those in the hinter land in Plateau, Adamawa, Gombe and Northwestern part of Cameroon are fabric makers (tie and dye clothing)

When Marring a Jukun Lady

Marring a Jukun lady or girl is presume/perceived to be the cheapest in Taraba state and northwestern Cameroon.  This has made many Jukun men come back home to pick a wife in order to retain the rich cultural heritage of the Jukun people. However, that does not mean an inter-religious or cross-cultural marriage is not encouraged.

The Jukun are polygamous, aside those who practice Christianity. The Jukun detest divorce and goes out of their way to see that their marriages work.  When all efforts and negotiation fails divorce may take place, and if the following happens - impotence/bareness, insanity of spouse, adultery/leaving spouse for 12 months for no genuine reasons.

Bride price and Marriage Requirement in Jukun Tradition

The minimum age of marriage for a jukun girl is 18 years. The Jukun traditional marriage is only biding when the father or guardian of the girl gave their consent. The marriage contract can only take place when bride price is presented and payment of customary gift to father or guardian of the bride. Therefore, marriage is only recognized in Jukun tradition when the intending husband fulfils all necessary marriage rites and requirement.

Courtship gift
During courtship the man is expected to give the woman certain amount of money as her entitlement or as betrothed money called Abegya – N 200.

Bride price in Jukun traditional marriages is relatively small. They are as follows;

1. Abeben (Brideprice) N600

2. Andu  (handbag & handkerchief) for the woman

3. Ane-Vyo (going to farm) – for father-in law (N600) & Mother-in law (N500)

4. Greeting of in-laws – any amount

5. Abewagaben (Solemnization money) – N100 , this can only take place when requirement (i – iv) has been meet.

6. Upyotvyo (money for roofing father in-law’s house) – N3 00

7. Sitting on in law’s mat – N500

8. Bride’s Paternal grandmother – N100

9. Bag of maize
10. Bag of guinea corn
11. 30ft of Zana (Woven grass) for fence father in-law compound
12. 18 sticks for the fencing of father in-law’s compound.
13. she-goat 

Before wedding day
14. Groom pays N100,
15. 12 calabashes of Kola nuts,
16. Gallon of Kerosene 

Wedding  Day
17. The groom pays N50,
18. bride cousins –N50,
19. N50 to groom’s younger relations(Mouth opening)
20. 4 basins of Burukutu (local liquor),
21. 3 basins of Kununzaki (Local guinea corn juice). 

After wedding
The Groom will present the bride’s family with
22. 2 basins of the local liquor
23. 1 basin of Kunu


Monday, 14 January 2019

Having Sex on a First Date Could Generate a Long Lasting Relationship - Current Study

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Generally, it is believed that having sex on a first date could jeopardize your opportunity of having a meaningful relationship.

However, as indicated by a new research, getting intimate at a beginning could really kick off a connection between soon-to-be partners and generate a long lasting relationship.

A group of psychologists from the Israeli-based Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and the University of Rochester's Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology presume that sexual desire may assume a major part in attracting potential lovers to one another.

Yet, critically, sexual desire has an imperative impact in empowering attachment between individuals.

"Sex may set the ground for developing passionate connection between unknown individuals," the examination's lead author Gurit Birnbaum, a social analyst and associate prof. of psychology at the IDC Herzliya, said.

"This remains constant for the two people. Sex motivate people to associate, regardless of gender."

The investigation was of heterosexual relationships, and discovered that men and women both trying to connect with one another endeavoring when sexually aroused.

A group of men and women were placed in four diverse interrelated studies where their conduct towards one another was analysed by the psychologist.

The researchers found that sexual desire triggers "emotional bonding" between people.

Prof Birnbaum stated: "Sexual desires may assume a causally critical role in the development of relationships.

"It's the magnetism that holds partners together long enough for an attachment bond to form."

In the earliest study, 36 ladies and 22 men who lip-synced to pre-recorded music with an appealing, opposite-sex study insider and after that appraised their longing for their partner.

In the second study, 38 ladies and 42 men who were requested to slow dance with an appealing, opposit-sex insider.

In the two studies, researchers found a connection between "synchronization" and want for the other person.

Studies three and four, of 42 ladies and 42 men and 50 ladies and 50 men individually, tested behaviors of groups subliminally flashed a sexual, non-explicit picture for 30 milliseconds on a screen, and those who weren't.

Those whose sexual system were "enacted" shows progressively "caring" and "helpful" behaviours in tasks.

So for what reason does this occur?

As indicated by the scientists, on an involuntary level it could be down to evolution - to ensure reproduction.

"All through mankind's history, parents' bonding greatly increased the children's survival chances," Birnbaum clarified.

Earlier research has shown that similar brain regions are activated when an individual encounters either sexual desire or romantic love.

Scientists trust this example gave a clue at a neurological pathway that makes sexual activation affect emotional bonding.

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