Thursday, 31 May 2018

VIDEO: Drunk Wedding Guest Dance Unclad at Reception (MUST WATCH)

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A wedding guest made fool of himself after getting drunk at a wedding reception. The Drunk wedding guest went Unclad as he hit the dance floor, rocking the latest jamz. The wedding took place around Masalachi in pen cinema Agege. The Drunk guest created a huge scene as he attracted lots of Admirers and onlookers who can’t help but laugh at his displays. See video after cut

Friday, 18 May 2018

Bride Price List and Introduction Ceremony for Tarok Traditional Marriage

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The bride-price list for Tarok traditional marriage is in three folds – There is bride-price list to be paid to the  bride's mother, the father and members of her family. Before the bride-price payment ceremony, the bride’s mother must have informed and briefed the groom on  those he should visit and pay homage to, the groom have to inform them of his intention towards their daughter –Because the Tarok people believed that a child is not only the sole responsibility of the parent but that of the whole community.