Traditional Marriage Rites in Plateau state(Tarok Ethnic Group) – Introduction and Bride-Price Payment Ceremony

The Tarok people of Plateau state are mostly farmers, they farm in hills and plains and they speak iTárók. They are found mainly in Langtang-North, Langtang-South, Wase, Mikang and Kanke Local Government Area (LGAs) of Plateau state in central Nigeria. 

When a man finds a lady, he proposes to her, if she accepts, they will begin the process of knowing each other. When both parties agreed to marry themselves – the next step is for the man (groom) to visit the girl’s parent to make his intention known to them. 

The girl (bride) informs her mother about the development. The mother is in charge to discuss the issue with the bride's father and/or elders in the family. She will also through the help of a delegate go ahead to investigate the groom and his family for any questionable characters. If satisfied with the out come a date is fixed for both families to meet and for the Traditional wedding rite.


On this day the groom and few members of his family visit the bride to be and her parent; they officially introduce their selves to in-law and the marriage plan towards their daughter. Prior to this day a list of items need must have handed over to them – this list differs from community to community. Items required for the introduction ceremony are; 

1 Small box – inside of these box will be fill with 
 i) 3 pairs of wrapper- for the girl, her mother and mother’s sister.
 ii) 3 blouses- for the bride, her mother and mother’s sister.
 iii) Pairs of shoes to go with clothes. 
2. Bathing soap for the bride 
3. Body cream of her choice 
4. Slippers 
5. A set of necklace, ring and bangles. 
6. Dozens of underwear(pants) –this is shared among the bride sisters and friends 
7. Head tie. 
8. Make-up kits.
After this the groom is also mandated by tradition to farm for his mother and father-in-law in their respective farms, the friends of the groom give a helping hand to ease his stress. The importance of this act is to know if the groom can be able to take care of their daughter when she is finally handed other to him. Its unfortunate that this tradition is no more adhere to rather some amount of money is paid by the groom to represent farming he should have done.
The bride-price payment for a Tarok bride is in three folds – for the mother, the father and her uncle/members of her family. Before the bride-price payment ceremony, the bride’s mother must have informed and briefed the groom on those he must pay homage to, the groom must inform them of his intention towards their daughter –Because the Tarok people believed that a child is not only the sole responsibility of the parent but that of the whole community.
The dowry payment or bride-price payment ceremony of the Tarok people is heavily marked with a lot of funfair and jubilations. Women both young and old in various groups sing and dance melodiously. It’s indeed the happiest day in any Tarok girl’s life. The bride’s parent showers prayer of fruitful marriage, instructing and advising her to be a loyal and respectful wife to her husband.

To get the full bride-price list of Tarok people please call the number underneath

Please note that this list is subject to changes depending on the family and community you want to marry from. It is important to know that some family prefers cash after estimating the cost of all these items.Therefore, negotiation is allowed. best of luck.

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